Why Nipun?

Our Competitive Edge


Our team has over 100+ years of combined investment experience and 75% of our core team worked together prior to joining Nipun. Our team has a shared set of values, which will drive long term success.

Pace of Innovation

Since inception of the firm, we have been innovating at an extraordinary pace with new ideas and new data sources. Our efforts are infused with a sense of urgency and excitement to see the ideas in action. The ‘time to market’ of an idea is a special focus at Nipun and our size and agility ensure that this is a competitive advantage for us. We believe the exceptionally high metabolic rate of our research engine is a sustainable source of competitive advantage for us.

Alignment with Investors

We are stewards of our investors’ assets and want to align our incentives accordingly. We own our firm and share in the risks and outcomes of our clients. A significant part of the Partners’ net worth is invested across the Funds.

Intense Focus on Asian Markets

Asian markets are complex and ever changing. Each country in Asia offers opportunities and has its own nuances and subtleties. The composition and behavior of market participants can vary significantly across markets. We are uniquely focused on understanding these differences and ‘contextualizing’ the primary drivers of stock returns to each country. We have chosen our ‘sandbox’ and are intently focused on it.