Our Values


What does Nipun stand for?

Nipun (pronounced Ni-pn): in Hindi (िनपुण) means skill and agility; in Chinese (立磐), it means to stand on solid rock. To us, this name brings together the two cornerstones of our founding philosophy: principled investing and skillful execution.

On the one hand, our corporate culture and investment approach are anchored on a set of core values and principles that have endured the test of time (立磐). On the other hand, our relentless passion is to apply these principles, with tactical agility and execution skill (िनपुण), to every individual Asian market that we invest in.

Success in active investing, as in life, depends on having the right principles and values, as well as the passion and skill needed to bring these principles to life in every day decisions. Our cohesion and vitality as a team, as well as our long-term success as a firm, will depend on our commitment to both.