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Looking Ahead: The Evolution of the Chinese Equity Market

With the opening up of the onshore equity market, the Chinese equity market is changing rapidly and we expect this pace of change to continue or even accelerate. This has wide ranging implications for institutional investors bringing up issues of regulation, access, investability and most importantly, risk and returns.

Nipun has been an active investor in the onshore Chinese equity market for over three years now. We have a nuanced approach utilizing local data and local insights to extract alpha from this markets.

The team at Nipun has decades of experience in global equity markets and has witnessed the evolution of several markets over this time.

In this series, we combine our expertise in China with our global perspective to develop and share our views on the upcoming evolution of the Chinese Equity market. This builds on the two white papers we published last year highlighting the return opportunity in China and some of the distinctive features of the onshore equity market.

Our views on the Evolution of China

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